Looking Beyond The Innocence.... can be very deceiving.

27 July
Tampa, Florida, United States
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I am the serious little girl. Always have been. Now I am a serious woman. Probably always will be.

I like fun, but if you ask my friends they will say they have to force it upon me.

I am the black sheep.

I like little bits of everything. I try everything once, and if I like it, I will do it again.

I finished UoF in Spring 2008 and hope to be in nursing school come Fall 2008.

I am the best friend you could ever have, and on that same line I can also be your worst enemy. All I want out of my friends is honesty and trust. No more, no less.

I pierce people with my stares, and can eviscerate a person with just words (though I prefer to listen and allow people to hang themselves with their own words).

I am who I am. I am an old soul, I am sometimes told I am too cute for my own good, and I use my brain.

I am not a fake person. I do not sugar coat and I do not beat around the bush.

So this is me in a nutshell, although it probably doesn't describe me to the fullest extent at all.